As a therapist, I typically don’t assign/recommend something I can’t truly vouch for something I’m not willing to do myself. How do I expect someone else to do what I wouldn’t?

Writing is my best tool for self-discovery.

Today even the thought of writing irritated me and initially tried to justify reasons “to not be able to” I thought immediately of the many times of sharing with my clients to “pick up that journal and write, each day, even if you just write how you don’t feel like writing and how Resa is making me write this stupid waste of time!” (I literally have given that exact example too, numerous times lol) and asked this of each person who I believed might benefit from writing as a tool to cope. Usually I request a short term commitment to write each day even when they don’t want to until next session.


So I sat down… Grumpy as hell and angry at that journal for no reason at all- mocked it a little too, if I’m being completely honest. Then I dove in head first and did what I know works best for me And it sucked for a moment and then it turned up exactly what I needed to find.

I was able to discover and process so much that I’d never know had I not pushed myself out of that comfort zone and out of my pity puddle.

You get out what you put in.

Honesty, open mindedness, and willingness will take you places you never imagined you could be and see things you never knew you were missing if you apply it to everything possible.

I try and practice these qualities each day too, and I know some days are harder.

I push myself out of that comfort zone too by sharing this experience, going against my insecurities and fears and make myself vulnerable by sharing this despite my insecurities in hopes it reaches anyone who might benefit or relate. I choose to be vulnerable and do what I know works best for me, FOR ME. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks if it’s healthy for you and your well being and healing it’s not wrong it’s just your “right.” It may not be someone else’s, and that’s okay too, that’s them, you do you.

So I’m doing me. I’m just as human as the next person with bad moments too. I try not to sit in those moments very long nowadays, and instead I fight against my negative thinking & break it down to avoid breaking down.

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#GetBackUp #YouCanDoIt

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