Thanks for stopping by to inquire about why this blog came to be.  I have always loved to write and never really have committed fully to one space to share these collections of thought. There’s something about writing that I can’t quite explain in the appropriate way as I believe that each person’s experience is unique and their own, exactly as it should be. For me personally, I always begin without direction and having no idea where I might end up eventually. I learn a lot about who I am and challenge myself to better become who I want to be, whatever that is. The uncertainty of the whole process is what makes it both terrifying and exciting at the same time!

What I cannot tell you is where this journey will take me,…you…us. I can promise that I am probably beginning this journey as lost as you are now.  We can be lost together.  If we have to be lost we might as well explore the beautiful canopies of the hidden deep forests, walk in circles a few times before realizing what just happened, and dive into the blue waters willingly being guided by the gentle current into exactly the place we were meant to be.

What I can tell you for sure is that I am Resa. That’s me!  I am a 31 year old single female living in Mississippi with my 9-years in running as the best companion who is alongside me no matter where I go- my irreplaceable other half, Moka, my dog. I have so much to share about how we came to find one another, but don’t worry, I’ve posted that story in an entry just for those who are curious.

I have had an interesting life, which if I had to pick a genre it had to be classified under, I would choose Comedy. I’m sure without my interpretations and insight that outsiders could view my story of me as a tragedy even. That’s only through the eyes of a bystander, because those who know me would have a hard time agreeing to that genre too.  Let’s just say I’ve experienced random things in life and I always find humor in the lessons learned through often times extreme experiences.

My goal is to share experiences that I encounter and turn them upside down to find these hidden unknown pieces of a greater puzzle that we haven’t quite had an opportunity to put together yet.  You never knew to look for pieces, and even if you saw them you disregarded them immediately because you saw no puzzle for them to fit into.  I’m here to explore those random pieces… maybe they eventually fit together all in entirety, but just for now, they can be placed in different already existing places that you never imagined was missing anything to begin with. I hope to always find a purpose somewhere that often takes some digging to uncover.

My initial intention for this blog would simply be an opportunity to find meaning in the things you don’t remember are amazing but they once were… a long time ago, before you forgot to live your life as you should.  I love to sometimes magnify my daily life experiences and examine what might exist underneath it all rather than neglecting to take full advantage of each experience offered to me and letting opportunity for such exploration and self-growth to never merely be something that floated by, unnoticed, in the background somewhere.  I often try to find meanings or lessons in situations or things that are “usual” to many.

I guess that’s what’s so unusual to me….

How does a person, no, do many people — actually, how do most, allow something to become expected or uninteresting (which I totally get, because we all struggle with doing that) but then those who have no desire to see the value that might lie just beneath the surface.  A surface gazed upon a multitude of times but never really looked at or into.   I look to find beyond what appears to be there- often times what we think we see turns out to be something entirely different!  If you’re not willing to explore something you’ve probably looked at a thousand times but never really saw anything aside from whatever that object was introduced to you as a long long time ago–and that’s all it’s ever been known to be. You never questioned it before, you just accepted it as it was told to you it was.  Why?  And how have you never gone back to it all these times later and questioned it?  Just a thought for you to chew on…..

I love to explore my own thoughts throughout my metaphors, questioning of anything you think you know, personifications, and the quaint forgotten or neglected items or experiences often act as an overture to the seductive dance of words that always somehow learn to coexist together, so perfect in their imperfections, and they sway in a harmonious blended magnificence that just seems as if this were the way they always had been.

I will figure out over time exactly what this blog entails; as will you.

First, I must simply just write.  The journey will develop in due time.

Enjoy my madness.