True or False: Therapists aren’t supposed to need to talk

Or that’s how it feels like the world thinks. What the fuck do you think we are supposed to cater to everyone else and never want or need feedback or just to talk and feel like a normal human being who enjoys a good conversation?

I’m remembering not everyone can have open ended deep pointless explorative chats and enjoy them as being completely random and nonsense with only the hope to explore and gain new insights to add to my toolbox. I want to see every angle and learn every person as they are and see as they do so I understand best I can.

Somehow this becomes personal to whoever it is that doesn’t enjoy or just love to explore with words and ideas. So I wind up regretting ever trying to explore at all- bc now I feel judged and that what was an innocent intentionally get lost and wander and love on my part is NOT able to be seen -ever- by everyone.

We are all different and that’s beautiful…

Sometimes I feel so alone though.