Who Could Possibly Love a Therapist? It Must Be Difficult.

“I suspect it is hard to love a Therapist. We get up early and don’t have time to drink coffee over the newspaper. We come home late and are too tired to cook. We work extra because we know there are families who need us. We don’t get too excited over a minor crisis because we deal with massive crisis all day. We have seen far worse. We don’t want to talk when we come home. We have talked all day. We don’t want to move when we come home. We have moved all day. It may seem, that we have left all our caring, our heart, and our love at work, then come home to you empty. We probably have. But we don’t tell you that many times at work we are scared. Scared that we are missing something. Scared we will let our families down or leave someone unsafe. Scared to go into homes of unknown people and scared what we might find. We have to deal with angry families and all the while do our best to help them. We don’t tell you how trauma we see affects us, and how stressed we are for the pain our families are going through. I suspect it is hard to love a therapist but know this; your therapist needs your love. Needs your understanding. Needs to know that you “get it”. Needs to be taken care of. Needs you to do the hardest work, you may ever do, which is to love a therapist. I would like to thank those of you out there who love us and let us do this work, this calling , this life; therapy”.

Hi I’m Resa and I’m a therapist. I love this post which are words that are not my own and I do not claim them. I wish I knew who originally wrote this. It’s so perfect. I guess I felt I guess a little too inspired because this word vomit just happened all over the place after. I just wanted to add that this therapist would add one most important thing to this beautiful, true, and very powerful article by sharing that THIS THERAPIST would change that last little bit to reflect what I see and understand to be the most important, beautiful, and rare treasure you’ll ever possess. A one of a kind, in the world, a huge deal backed by a lifetime guarantee.

THIS THERAPIST needs you to do the hardest work you might ever do, which is to LOVE YOURSELF.

I get it, we therapists try and push others outside of comfort zones and know growth occurs only then… so this alone would suffice as why loving therapists can be hard. Especially those of us who will call you out on your bullshit. You can’t work on or change what you don’t see, ignore, or don’t acknowledge. It’s not my job for you to like me, it is my job to best help you in the moment to reach your potential with your best interests at hand. Always.

I know without self care and self love and love for humanity and the earth that I am not in my present moment and living life right. If I don’t take time out for self-care and balance my life areas well that I’ll topple over. If I can’t find my gratitude I’m not doing something right. I understand that for myself and any therapist as well as everyone in existence, you are an original- don’t die a copy.

Embrace your differences and see the strengths they give you and seek to empower and appreciate everyone for their unique original one of a kind existence and me recognizing how lucky I am to get to interact and meet so many individuals — it’s mind blowing how lucky I am to meet the only version of you that exists in the world as you are exactly, so how lucky am I to be the VIP getting to soak in you as you.

There’s my added sprinkle of magic dust to add my own touch of sparkles to this. And hopefully capture the attention of the very person needing to notice the sparkles as they sit in what they assumed to be a blacked out room. Suddenly able to recognize doors and windows surrounding him the whole time.

Always believe in your voice, it matters, and know that your sparkle may seem like nothing that you gave, however, it can create the one shimmer of light to cast shadows and restore sight to someone who would refuse to believe exists and never move, ever, well until now. You never know who you’re saving by saving your own soul in sharing experience strength and hope with the world.

You can change the world and you are the most important person to love over all others knowing if you aren’t loving you, you don’t have love to offer others to receive from you.

All human beings , all people in general, this is a reminder:Don’t overdo it. Don’t exhaust yourself, Remember your value, worth, and understand your limitations too. Know without a doubt that YOU are the one who deserves love, forgiveness, patience, self-care, and attention. Don’t allow anyone to disrespect you, knowing you have the control to decide this in the end.

Finally, let’s jump on these OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH in every little thing we can find knowing we get one of every moment only once for all of our lives, man sometimes they suck and I grumble the opportunity word because they aren’t fun most days, but I understand that true internal self growth can’t occur without discomfort. Not possible.You can choose to embrace this and do your best to stay grateful and in spiritual and mindful presence and connection- Or blatantly miss out on life all together.Wake up guys! Your opportunities to abuse that gift alone are limited. You only get a decreasing number of chances starting when you open your eyes to get up and live life- embrace and absorb every opportunity for growth, every beautiful moment, and every little thing that always are the big things in the end regardless. Love yourself. And love your life.

Oh, and love me as a therapist too. Best you can. And I will continue to fight that good fight both in my career and in life too, best I am able. I love and I love hard- my word is my bond, and I embrace and get excited to a nerdy level about meeting and being gifted a chance to embrace a rare original copy of this person who has so many things to offer the world.

Sounds cheesy and that’s fine too, but I’m honored to be in the presence of any and all of you guys. I am grateful. What an honor it is to walk alongside someone’s journey and exist as a piece of their story, no matter how large or small or the length of time, every piece matters and the whole won’t exist in the end without every piece involved. If you’re willing to be YOU and transparent regardless of who is watching.

If you’re doing the next right thing and your heart is in the right place for the right reasons you should have zero doubt about living your life as you but for others and to change the hatred in this world to love.

You are incredible and capable of such greatness. It won’t matter if I say it until I’m blue in my face or even if someone else tells you,…until you believe it’s true, it won’t be. You can’t see something you’re not willing to look for in the first place, right?

Snap out of it!

Open your eyes.

Life is beautiful.

Don’t miss it.

You’re wonderful.

I believe in you.

Until Next Time!
Much Love! ❤