What an Amazing Gift, Freely Gifted to Me, Are Eyes that Find Opportunity

The power is out. Suppose I could take a much needed candlelit bath… without the candles. 😂
Maybe later.

For now I’m sitting in my car charging my phone up to hopefully have enough battery in case the power doesn’t return so my alarm will go off and wake me in the early hours…
I know, I know, I’m draining my battery typing this but I had to take a moment off airplane mode to write down my thoughts before they were lost forever.

I love living in the middle of nowhere. My dash is lit up but I can’t even see out the windshield because of how dark it is. The stars are usually so visible I’m awestruck and reflecting on how small I am in the midst of the universe. I love stargazing. However, tonight, they are hidden and the storm has already rolled through, so now it’s just me and the black darkness out here…

It’s very quiet aside from the loud chirping of the creatures of the night- it never ceases to amaze me how loud the night’s orchestra becomes after a rain… it’s as if the water soothed the voices of the band of the darkness.
Very cool.

It is moments like this that I wish I had someone to be right here with me, sitting in the oassenger’s seat, soaking up this moment with me.

All in all, I appreciate this opportunity to sit still and be reminded of how beautiful and amazing this world really is…

and also to listen more often to the earth’s beautiful songs. Mother Earth speaks in volumes, constantly.

Sometimes she screams,…
And sometimes she weeps…
And still we drown her out with our own petty grievances, ignoring not only her beauty but also her mournful bellows.

I pray today for reminders like tonight, to be consciously willing, able, and fully present to remember to be quiet, be still, and Just Listen.

I am blessed to be a living creature in this gigantic universe and grateful to be alive to appreciate the endless gifts given to me by the earth. I’m fortunate that I was born with the gift of seeing what others have forgotten how to see- and am reminded that I too neglect to appreciate what a beautiful gift and divine blessing it is.

Even when you think you’ve got nothing, just stop, look around, and exist, and hopefully you’ll find that you’ve always had everything.

Felt it on my heart to share.

Much Love!