Happy Eas-(disas)-ter ?

Oh man, Easter Sunday was one for the memory books for sure! The weather reports were screaming for Mississippi to have a plan for appropriate shelter as the forecast predicted a beat-up with Mississippi being the central target.

So, living in a trailer isn’t the best option…

Living in a trailer amidst COVID-19 shelter in place orders doesn’t help my case in finding a friend’s house to crash for the night.

Living in a trailer amidst COVID-19, shelter in place orders, and awaiting COVID-19 test results on strict quarantine at home makes finding a place nearly impossible.

So what did I decide to do? I decided I’d have to quarantine elsewhere, as this seemed like a better option that potentially staying in a death-trap if a tornado was to touch down. I made a hotel reservation 15 miles up the road, which frustrates me a bit from both financial aspects, but also frustrating because I literally live right down the road. Nonetheless, I loaded up my dog, packed a bag, and hopped in the car.

Upon cranking the engine I realized I’d chosen poorly as far as footwear goes, and thought about running back inside to change out of my flip-flops… I opened the car door to do so but then *BEEEEEEP* there goes my weather alert warning me of the Tornado Watch. I closed the door and made haste with my flip-flops.

I check into the hotel paying my pet fee, thinking to myself as I signed the waiver and not really reading the fine print, “if they only knew how good Mok is. He’s quiet, chill, and well-behaved- there’s really no need for this.”

I laughed as Mok and I stepped into the elevator, the doors closed and the moment it started moving he looked up at me as if to say, “DID YOU FEEL THAT!? IS THIS OKAY!?” I laughed a good belly laugh as I realized that was his first elevator ride and this is his first time in a hotel. I caught myself thinking how absurd that really was, after 12 years, as much as I travel, this being his first hotel trip. I realized then that the majority of my travels I’m staying with friends and Mok is welcomed. The other select times I’m usually on business and can’t bring him along, so he stays with trusted friends or family. Taking him out deemed to be a feat in itself as the rain poured on us, hammering sideways, making it difficult (and cold) to see and navigate in flip-flops. The temperature had dropped significantly!

I find myself glued to the television watching various movies, thinking, “Man, this is so good!” as each movie plays beginning to end. I wonder what I’m missing seeing as how I haven’t had “TV” for over a decade now- I only rely on Netflix and Hulu. I notice LMN at the bottom corner of the screen convinced there’s some new channel I’ve never heard of. I text my friend, Shea, to tell her of this glorious channel and the epic movies playing, only to find out I’m watching Lifetime, “Lifetime Movie Network” to be precise. Turns out I was in the middle of a “stalker marathon.” No wonder they’re all thrillers and have me on the edge of my seat! I laughed thinking how old this makes me feel… I remember it seems like just yesterday laughing and poking fun at Lifetime movies and associating them with an older generation. Oh how the tables of time have turned!

I fell asleep before the last movie was finished. Shea had text me, I saw the next day, and said it was a “crap ending,” so it didn’t look like I had missed much. I woke up about 2:00 AM and realized on my way to the hotel bathroom that Mok has vomited on the carpeted floor. “Shit shit shit” says my mouth as I spend time cleaning up and best ridding of the stain… only to be followed by 4 more vomits across the span of the next 5 hours. By 9AM my body is telling me to sleep but I’m petrified he will vomit again, so I pack up and load up as quickly as possible, check-out, and call the vet. I get Mok an appointment (they’re doing curbside) all while feeling extreme guilt for not abiding my my stay-at-home instructions. I drive straight to the vet, an hour away, and spend over $200.00 to find out it is likely due to anxiety of being in a new place and the storm going on outside.

I finally get back to my home, Moka tired out and not eating, and I decide to nap myself for 3 hours. I wake up to a call stating I am negative for COVID-19 (Thank God!) and proceed to get up to cook something, eat, and go back to bed again before 7 PM. I woke up feeling exhausted, even after all the sleep I’d just gotten.

Today I’m back at work again, doing my best to take necessary precautions to best avoid contracting COVID-19, but in the back of my mind I believe it’s only a matter of time, seeing what I do and being in contact with the virus each day. Today, however, I’m able to say I’m COVID-free and laugh at my experiences over the last 4 days. I’m a lucky gal indeed!

Until next time, be safe, be blessed, and stay well, my friends!