“Oh, to be a dog…”


Oh Peasy,

Bein’ a good doggo sure ain’t easy.

Wait, yes it is. You’re a good boy. 

Here is “Peasy” here to remind us living life can be easy. 

                                                 Stop being so hard on yourself and enjoy your moment. 

Doggos like Peasy know only each moment and live there… humans forget how to live and merely  exist. 

I hear this a lot, have said it too. Ever think about the silly or annoying immediate presence dogs seem to appear in? 

IMG_4480Suddenly you look up to see a fur face staring you down, knowing no personal space, and def not into practicing social distancing… You were so wrapped up thinking about or distracted by whatever you suddenly are snapped into the moment with a doggo who has managed to shimmy his way into your path, direct eyesight, personal space,… if Mok were to be able to speak English in those moments I think he’d be saying “HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY” incessantly, with no purpose, not having any reason or need just wanting my full attention.  

Or you’ll notice dogs see/hear something and all energy and focus is there (bark at passing cars, hears/sees something on walk and completely freezes and all attention is there, chase down squirrels, or anything that moves nearby …)  

Or suddenly you are hurdling towards your demise having to catch yourself from a face-plant into the ground realizing yep, totally tripped over the dog laying “right in the way”

Dude,… I say it too sometimes but that’s so dumb, like seriously do you think this dog all of a sudden just dashed to lay right in front of your path? The dog was there long before we yelled at him and blamed him for literally laying there doing nothing.  

He/she probably chooses those places because he/she knows you might pass by and notice him/her.  

Same reason your pupper lays waiting watching the door or window when you leave… they know you will come back to be with them. They wait for you to be back in the moment with them.

a beautiful dog breed with a thick coat
Photo by La Miko on Pexels.com

Doggos are messengers from something much greater than mere humans could understand. I believe our fur friends are gifts with life figured out from day 1. They know no other place than the moment and are there to snap us back to the now, with merely their presence. We groan about tripping, having no personal space, or being jolted back to reality from the booming barks that make us jump in scare… but if you really think about it, the reason it’s so noticeable is because it brings you back to the moment. “What was I thinking/doing/distracted by” that I didn’t even notice the dog laying right there, what could possibly deserve my attention more than this dog in my face begging to be loved on, or how on earth did i not realize it was time for the mail to deliver .. 

it’s like you are suddenly ϟ JOLTED ϟ awake out of  ☁ ☁ some fog… ☁ ☁

AKA You come back to the present moment after who knows how long of being trapped in your mind somewhere else. 

What amazing, loyal, and unconditionally devoted and loving creatures who show us every day the meaning of true love, admiration, and devotion but also pull us back to right now- 

Snap us back to reality and to living life as it was meant to be lived… in every moment at that moment, fully present… alive and living- and not just existing.

Thanks Peasy, you weren’t blocking my path, you were clearly showing me that I was missing my path entirely.  

Thanks Mok, you weren’t intentionally breathing dog-breath on me or trying to annoy me, you were reminding me that I’m forgetting what’s really important.

Dogs are spirits offering mindfulness and they are the gatekeepers of the secret to living life and true happiness, which is staying in the moment and remembering the ultimate question :

What’s wrong RIGHT NOW?

Fight against it all you want, 

but recognize that whatever you think it is,.. it’s either already happened or it hadn’t happened yet… either way you aren’t staying in the present.

What’s wrong RIGHT NOW?


And anytime I’m fully engaged in the present moment, my answer is always the same.


Nothing is wrong right now.


Funny how even though I know this to be 100% accurate for me, sometimes still I find myself with unease… thinking I have no control over feeling badly….

Tricking myself into justifying my self-pity….

I know the answer. 

Dogs constantly remind me when I forget.

Live in the Now.

It’s only thing I know 100% for sure.

It’s the solution to melting away all unease.

Right now.

It will never not be Right Now no matter when I ask you…

“Is it now?”

“Is it still now?”

Is it now as I write this? Duh. 

Is it right now as you’re reading this?

It will always be now.

So if you’re anywhere else, you really aren’t here living life then are you? 

You’re missing out on every opportunity, every moment that will happen exactly as it is just once,.. something is different no matter how much you wish it were exactly as before.  But there we go again living in the past or in the future… regretting, reminiscing, wishing, anxious, waiting,….

Waiting around to only realize that you’re 98, and it’s still right now, and you soak in every moment taking as much experience and joy from staying present. 

Finally you find no purpose in regret but find gratitude for the moment, and you are present fully.

It will always be right now.

So why would you waste your time living anywhere other than here, right now?

You’d not really be living at all then would you?

The secret to life and true peace? 

This moment.

The present.

Right now.



That “next time” mentality is warped denial… 

Its said best in another’s words, so I’ll close out using his words and ending with a powerful and very wise quote:

“Nσ ɱαɳ ҽʋҽɾ ʂƚҽρʂ ιɳ ƚԋҽ ʂαɱҽ ɾιʋҽɾ ƚɯιƈҽ, ϝσɾ ιƚ’ʂ ɳσƚ ƚԋҽ ʂαɱҽ ɾιʋҽɾ αɳԃ ԋҽ’ʂ ɳσƚ ƚԋҽ ʂαɱҽ ɱαɳ.”


photo of boy swinging over body of water
Photo by Gerald Yambao on Pexels.com