Hello World, Is There Anybody IN There?

Holy balls.

  Yeah, we will start out with that for an intro because, yeah.

COVID-19 has the world on quarantine, everybody seems to be shut-off from the outside world and on self-quarantine.

Healthcare professionals, not so much….

As being one of said-workers, I guess I can give my account from the outside world.

Not much is different, to be honest… aside from the majority of establishments being closed down. I still make my routine stops to the gas station most mornings for coffee. I guess the roads are a little less busy, especially in the morning-time.  The commute home seems just as busy for some reason or another. I went to pick up medicine at the pharmacy this morning on my way into work… only, they’d changed their hours from 9 to 9 at Walgreens. “Good for them,” I thought to myself.

I am worried for local business owners. My good friend that I visited in Little Rock just last weekend works for an organization that owns several restaurants and the brewery there. They’ve decided they’re going to pay their workers until they are unable to do so (i.e., if they go bankrupt). I think it’s more important than ever now to support your local businesses. I know that particular business is offering curbside service, as many businesses are during this bleak time. SUPPORT LOCAL!!! Well-known chains will be fine in this, but our local business are at risk of going out of business. Utilize your local businesses right now, guys!

Our organization has a protocol in place currently where we must have our temperature taken upon setting foot on campus to make sure we are fever-free. That’s pretty cool.

We’ve had to shut down visitation for families to come see their loved ones for the next 2 weekends, and also have ceased all off-campus trips…. outside meetings included.

For those in recovery, there are ways to still stay connected and utilize time for recovery. Don’t use COVID-19 as an excuse, there are no excuses. Help yourself and help others by reaching out and staying connected. There are all sorts of supports available for recovery for those in quarantine. Use them!

What else? Hmmm…. Oh! Tree pollen is very high in our area right now, so I began my day full of sneezes with a few coughs. Man oh man it’s like being on trial for those of us with allergies with spring rearing its head right now. All my allergy folks know what I’m talking about! You sneeze or sound congested and every head turns your way in horror. Pretty spectacular. I mean, I get it… Coronavirus is a scary thing. For a virus to mutate that many times in that short of a time, and to have no cure or immunity to this new unknown disease, well that’s terrifying.

I think this is a wonderful opportunity for people to come together (not physically) and coexist and connect, rather than point fingers or argue over the last toilet paper… it’s up to you how you respond amidst this pandemic.

To everyone out there, I hope you’re well and that you’re being safe and healthy, no matter if you’re out in the work-world, working from home, or just quarantined with no choice right now.  I wish you well and wish you love and connection in spite of social distancing. I hope you find joy in the little things, and find inspiration in one another.