The music moves me

ResaArtOften times I think I’ve worked on things only to have something happen and my world blows up in my face without warning.

It’s not a very cool feeling.

I have to battle myself to write sometimes. I know the times I don’t want to most are the exact times I need to.

I shut down and bottle up everything and I know as a therapist that is exactly what not to do.

I’m human too.

I do know how to call myself out my bullshit though, and here it is guys. I’ve neglected to work on myself with something I convinced the world and even myself was okay, when clearly it wasn’t.

I suppose what I’ve learned through this is a few things:

First, I always have room to grow and I never will know everything, so what’s the point in acting differently? I have to constantly remind myself of this. I can never cease to learn from what others have to offer me, I just have to remove my blinders I sometimes don’t even realize I sneak back over my eyes at times. I do it. I fuck up, and that’s okay,

Next, I know to expect nothing less from others. People are entitled to fuck up- no one I’ve ever met isn’t human and therefore isn’t expected to not make mistakes…. so why am I setting expectations for others?

Why set expectations at all? Expectations lead to nothing but either contentment or disappointment. I don’t want either.

Lastly, music is so important. I use it daily in my art therapy but forget just how therapeutic it can be for me too. Sometimes we just need to be alone and turn up some good tunes and just JAM OUT. Who didn’t ever benefit from some good ole music therapy? No one I’ve ever met.

There are my thoughts for the day. Not much, but thought I should let them out.

Until next time my friends!