Just because you want it to be, doesn’t mean it actually is.



That quote though,…. all I really need to say is PREACH!

A reminder to stay present and be the best person I can be in this moment. A reminder to find opportunity where I tend to initially see defeat–

It’s exactly whatever I look for, and I find what I truly wish to find–it’s hard to admit that sometimes I just want to sit in my mud puddle a moment and I don’t want to find the good-
It happens.
I need that moment to be grumpy and blame everything that could make sense but naming anything other than the one thing I already know is the problem (me). If I seek solution I better acknowledge I am part of the issue. It’s truth.

And after that moment of me clutching my pride, I realize I’m being ridiculous and no good for myself….so I jerk myself back into the beautiful present moment and question howI let myself ever leave it in the first place.

Self-awareness and growth in understanding in my own way I need to in order to make sense of things and/or make sense of myself, really– this is something I am constantly working on being better and stronger in each day. I strive for spiritual growth and connection and I want to understand in my own way and embrace the opportunities laying at my feet, they never were worthless wastes of time, each was a gift, I just have to make the effort to search for what’s being offered.
I want it, and I work hard to find it– and damnit, I sure as hell am going to find it. I wont accept anything less.

I must choose to look for the things that will continue to allow me to grow and better myself. I will own up to my weaknesses and acknowledge my routine defects that I carry as a part that I know will always be hiding beneath somewhere– I accept it as something I will always have and own my part in that. My response to any and every situation influences everything that reacts to that…. So I better recognize the influence I play And stay present and genuine, because I am any problem I have and therefore also will end up being the solution.

I have the answers, and they’re only needed if I choose to identify ‘problems’ and create that label…

I prefer “opportunities for growth” and I search for and find exactly this each time.

So where in your day have you had an opportunity for growth? Did you take it? If not, why haven’t you by now? And if you’re still justifying by this point, you don’t want to see these, and that’s okay too.

I had an opportunity today to understand powerlessness to better help me in my job and relating to the steps, I was uncomfortable and exhausted myself in trying to control something I had no power over, and I am grateful for being able to step back, see my part, and gain something positive from this previously frustrating experience. You find what you look for, remember that.

And I retire on that note, surrendering to bedtime and self-care.

Much Love