She at least technically stuck to the promise she made to be in bed before midnight- this was true.  The neglected truth is I’m still awake.

Don’t you just despise when you know you have a set limited number of hours left before you must start all over again: with that super duper anxiety-producing morningalarm with the sounding of the alarm clock—

I don’t know about you but I despise waking up. I mean mug at the world for a moment, not because I want to, I don’t even realize just because I was asked about my grumpy morning pre-caffeine face.

It’s already tomorrow according to my watch. The room is quiet… nothing but the sound of the gentle breeze of the ceiling fan and distant noises from clothes being in the dryer.

Can’t help remembering throwing socks at my ceiling fan in my room at our house- I’d always make sure the coast stayed clear and would let my friend have a chance to stand in the spotlight too. And then we’d laugh & share great memories of times long gone –  we’d cast our net over the waters and pull into our vessel nets filled with what was supposed to be treasure – except, the definition doesn’t fit- there’s no cash prize.

I’ve fallwn asleep a few times trying to type this on my little phone screen, so I’m going to go embrace the 4 hours left until I start the day again.

May dreams visit your place on this eve and that you find exactly in what you believe

that the nights become peaceful

And all that you rest is enough

to give all your best freely,

In compassion, in hope. & in Love!

sweet dreams and until next time!


(……assuming there is a next time. )