Don’t miss seeing the rare sunset because you’re focused on the mud on your shoe.

You’re looking downward now at your feet. Distracted, you’ve already forgotten why you came here. You’re missing the sunset. 

Open your eyes & find what you’ve become blind to- what you take for granted.

Only you decide whether or not to truly see again.



I’ve had a lot of opportunity for “pretend like I’m in a sauna” practice— 24 hours worth of practice…


My A/C is busted at home (going on night 2 with no air) & today also “make believe sauna escape” at work, as the vents don’t blow air in the art room, only that one room,… that I’m in, no A/C reaches me.. Hahaha it’s like we’re on a team building hike in a dense humid forest except, there’s no hiking required- it’s more like “sweating with acrylic” which I now think needs to be a title for a Richard Simmons and Bob Ross combo show.


Seriously, I am grateful for things I do often take for granted. I need to start a daily gratitude journal & remind myself of how much I’ve come to expect rather than appreciate- to remember life and every experience is a gift 🎁 , there’s always a card or message included from sender, many toss it aside, but it’s always guaranteed, often it’s hidden within these gifts. I hope to always remember to find this message & not overlook it. I hope to notice & appreciate the things I take for granted. I have way too much good to complain about the bad.


Today I choose to laugh at myself & mean it, find gratitude, & appreciate what I HAVE instead of fussing about what’s missing.


Most do this so often. If you think about it, really, how ridiculous are we? Spending all energy on one “horrible” negative experience/thing, and neglecting to mention the sea glittering with positives & opportunity.


Don’t miss the sparkling serenity of this ocean view- Stop yourself, put down the negative thing(s) & take focus away from the concrete wall in your way.


Pssst… Just turn back around this way- that wall isn’t going far, you can go back to it anytime. This won’t always exist as it is. I hope to seek this serenity & gratitude daily & remember how foolish I often am to turn away from all I have & love to neglect the best & instead obsess over & offer my time to petty selfish nonsense.


So with that I’ll get back to enjoying my last night in the sauna.


Today I am grateful to have this experience and the bringing back of clarity to what’s really worth my focus.