Blind Robots


Sometimes the world seems like a really sad place
Mainly because no one sees it anymore.

I’ll look around and I see individual people,
So Many People…
driving their individual cars,
going to their individual places,
& not really caring about any other individual,
other than themselves of course.

So locked up inside their own minds
Thinking about what is next,
Missing what IS.

And there’s this guy walking down the road
No vehicle
just himself
leisurely strolling,

& I think about how we compare our cars to the new cars
to his car,
to her car,
…but then I have a car.

A car is a car. CARrect? What does it matter?

The one walking…
He is the one truly living,
(in my opinion)
with the earth crunching beneath his feet,
he is the one feeling the breeze on his face,
he’s the one noticing the sounds,
the colors,
the smells-
able to stop and appreciate any little moment
Every little moment.

I’m not saying, “go without a car”
Or “be homeless.”

No, I’m saying, don’t become consumed.
Slow down.

But who are we to judge and outcast someone for not having these “things”

The “things” that make them miss out,
that make US miss out
ME miss out
on every day
every moment
everything that we can be doing
but instead we’re listening to others
or listening to a society that tells us without the instant gratification
that we are lesser somehow
Unless we have these gadgets
these gizmos
this glam.

We must look like this,
Feel like that,
Be like “them”

But who are “they” to tell us who to be?

They think they are right.
I think they’re far from it.

I think the more that we have
the less that we see,
the less that we live our lives,
the less we interact truly,
the less we REALLY connect
with one another.

The more we obtain,
the less we become.

It’s just “stuff”