11 lessons learned

Wow, I have gained a lot as far as experiences go in this one week- and it’s not even over yet! I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some things that I’ve taken from this week’s journey:

•It’s okay to have bad days… but be careful in labeling it “bad” too soon, because if you’re like me, you soon realize that your “bad” wasn’t really bad at all, and In fact you are wishing that it would go back to being what you thought was bad first— this leads me to my next lesson: Roll with the punches, dodge what you can, and count those as successes, because that’s what they are. Find worth in what really matters & appreciate it instead of continuing to focus on the past & how “bad” it all is. It’s not- it maybe WAS but that is done and over, bruises & cuts will heal regardless despite how long you spend obsessing over how terrible they are. Keep Moving Forward.

•Remember to appreciate those things you have that you take for granted- you don’t realize how valuable they are until they aren’t available to you. This week showed me that I take for granted having a working vehicle. It’s not until you’re stranded without a car that you realize how much you are able to do that you take for granted each day with a means of transportation. Four days without any vehicle will show you a thing or two about humility whether you like it or not.

•Do what works best for you despite what society tells you is good or bad. If you are more productive & give your full potential in a mess, & being “organized” by society’s definition, causes you to regress, then why on earth would you intentionally give yourself barriers just because Martha in accounting with her file folders, labels, & dust-free keyboard “looks snazzy.” Bih please, Martha probably also folds her underwear in 4” precision squares before putting them away- you aint got time for nonsense! Do you!
For me, I realized this week that I just THOUGHT I wasn’t an organized person, because I’m not what most label as “organized” and instead am very messy and scattered both physically & mentally 🤣 Turns out there is a method to my madness… & when you remove some of those seemingly small pieces of my daily routine of madness, I fall apart apparently- misplacing, losing, forgetting,… you name it,… I felt like a crazy person, constantly searching for things I could before reach over blindly into a heap of nonsense & retrieve easily. I am grateful for my unorganized organization- it apparently works very well for me & I know where everything is- test me if you don’t believe. 😉

•Disconnect. That one is simple. Take time to unplug from the constant buzz of technology. That email can wait, text messages will still be there later, calls can be redialed… You are not obligated by any means to always be constantly hovering over your phone/computer… there is no rule that says you must reply right away for everything. The world will continue to exist- Leave it behind, remove it from your pocket/hand & walk away. Any friends who are real friends would be excited that you are taking some time for self care.
Take that time to enjoy yourself & the beauty of your every moment that you so often never really “see” & appreciate because, well, you are too disconnected from what really matters by being connected to your technology. You only get one world- soak it up good.

•Be honest -don’t overdo it. Be okay with doing what you are capable of – don’t self-criticize & destruct. You are only capable of doing what you can do, not more— so rather than agreeing to what you cannot accomplish & falling short, be honest with yourself— you should know what your limitations are by now. And if you do know, Draw a line, & don’t cross it. You are enough.

•Ask for help. If you’re like me, you often let pride stand in the way of this one- stop being a dope- it makes zero sense to struggle when you can prevent that from happening by simply asking. The worst case scenario is that you are told “no.” & if the world didn’t implode after that, you’re still okay. At least you know you tried.

•Laugh. Seriously, lower that pride to be able to just laugh at yourself & how stupid you are sometimes. Own all of your characteristics— these define & make you your own unique self— wear them proudly. They’re yours & yours alone. Radiate.

•Accept what is without dwelling. No matter how much energy you waste on feeling bad about it, it doesn’t change that it happened. And worrying yourself sick won’t change any outcome- something will happen regardless of what that may be— accept it as it is then. You’re wasting your valuable time if you’re not in this moment! Gather what you learned from your experiences, no matter what they are, & apply it now. Accept powerlessness. Give in and let life happen on its terms, not yours.

•Let go. Those resentments you are carrying around are only heavy & tedious because you choose not to put them down. A resentment is like me drinking poison & wishing you would die. Dissect if need be, & just be sure to look inward to find what part you play in the situation (if you come up empty handed look again-you always have a part- it takes honesty,open-mindedness, & willingness to be able to admit to it & work to change yourself & only yourself).

•Create. Never miss an opportunity to express yourself & learn more about who you are, how you think, & what you’re searching for. Always make time to reflect back & find personal growth.

•Realize you have the most bad-a friends & colleagues who deserve to be reminded of how great they are & of their worth. These people will keep you going, even when you feel stuck- always take opportunities to share with others how amazing these individuals are (be sure you tell them to their face too). I wouldn’t have made it through without kind gestures, borrowing vehicles, hitching rides to/from work, etc.
To those rad people that gave me time, attention, energy, & all around love, YOU make my every day worth living.
I appreciate you.

There ya go, random life lesson snippets- that’s all I have for right now!