Slow Down

Yesterday while waiting for a haircut I watched as a woman was walking in the store dressed in clothing that seemed uncomfortable. She seemed distracted and too busy worrying about what she was looking for and appeared to be in quite a hurry. I wondered where does she have to be? Why does she seem so worried? Why does she wear such uncomfortable clothes? Is she happy? Am I happy? I reflected back to situations in which I had done the same, or times that I still get wrapped up worrying about things that are outside of my grasp, things that have already happened, things that haven’t happened yet, and forgetting to remember to appreciate the moment, for it’s all I have for certain.

Today I remembered to look for those things. I found the joy and appreciation in every experience that I encountered. I found opportunity and inspiring things in every individual that I interacted with. I found life again and everything it’s always had to offer but that I forget to appreciate take advantage of. I found myself again, as I sometimes lose me in the busy schedule of life.

In the midst of all the chaos and whatever I think I have going on I recognize that it’s all fabricated. I realize that I’m OK.

I’m not a fortuneteller and I cannot tell you what will happen in the next five minutes or five years from now and I definitely don’t have a time machine and I can’t go back and change what I’ve already said or done- It’s over! But what I do know is RIGHT NOW- that’s what I have and that’s what I always have. So if I’m wrapped up living in the future or the past or anywhere other than right now I’m missing out.

You’re missing out.

S l o w d o w n.

Those problems, I’ll figure them out, you will too, you always do. But you’ll never have this experience as it is, as you are, ever again.

Neither will I.

Today I choose to embrace it.