Exploration of a New Earth

I always enjoy how much I grow and learn about myself through my mind working through my writing. I do apologize for horrendous grammatical error and unauthorized capitalizations and omitted spacing, if that occurred (likely) in my last post. Or for the record, any post of mine that has awful grammar or seems like part trash and jibberish, I 100-% admit to being that douche that records my thoughts with “voice to text” when I’m traveling, usually in my one-way hour long commute from/to work each day. My last post began as voice to text and it got so lengthy I never went back and reread it.

Typically I don’t reread my writings, which I assume would make me quite the oddball as far as writers or bloggers go? Is this accurate, or did I make that up entirely and am just super self-centered and believe I’m the unicorn here. 😂

That sounded entirely vain and didn’t help my case at all. Reality says I’m super sarcastic, very literal also, and tend to disappear into analogies and personification when I write anything personal. Lots of times I dive in and never surface again. I just decide it’s easier to build a cabin and live in my forest of deep flowery verbiage, there’s so much foliage at that point I couldn’t tell you how I got in here to begin with, or why there are so many goddamn flowers every-fucking-where all of a sudden. I’ll literally be discussing a legitimate powerful topic and *SSCHWOOOP* ….

Wait, hold on pause; can I just take a moment to appreciate that random sound effect I attempted in the previous sentence? I think I was creating the sound I would make slipping and falling into the new earth, flowers seem cool to begin with, and I blink a few times and suddenly I’ve got flowers for ears, my car tires are useless fucking foliage, and now I must’ve forgotten how to walk, oh wait, no, ITS FUCKING FLOWER SHOES HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE!? Before I know it everything goes black- “She died a peaceful death. What a beautiful way to leave this earth, smelling the flowers.”

Cool eulogy,… but I literally suffocated by inhaling flower petals….. that come from the ocean that we didn’t know existed made entirely of unprecedented flowers. People drowning in a river of flowers, there’s no way to stay afloat without buoyancy —which bodies of water are great environments for this to occur, but no water, just flowers for no reason,

Lessons I Carried With Me to the New Earth:

  • Put yourself and your happiness and well-being as priority always
  • Sometimes it takes not knowing how you’ll get through a situation to understand in retrospect your gratitude for being trapped there before.
  • No matter how much sense It may make or how many legitimate justifications you have to blame and hate someone else for whatever they might’ve done/not done for you,.. ultimately you have a part, it’s up to you to seize your opportunity for growth to be embraced by you or ultimately stay stagnant and at a constant state of discontentment knowing you’re the only person you’re hurting by doing so.
  • “If I’m not the problem there is no solution.”
  • Even the most majestic and powerful mythological creatures are born again through adversity. The Phoenix rose up from the smoldering ashes that no one thought of as anything but dirty and gross. Everyone saw a challenge or chore- a mess to clean up, but the strongest found opportunity to become even better than he was, and so emerged the mighty Phoenix. Beautiful, powerful, dangerous, wild, and only existing as a result of another’s pain.
  • Only share your own thoughts, feelings, ideas. and interests with only those who inquire to know more- check their motives prior to deciding for disclosure, and then share only the pieces that are asked specifically for/about.
  • Remain humble even in the face of adversity
  • Be yourself, could be surprised who might be watching and drawn to the real you.
  • Do it for yourself. Treat yourself every now and again.
  • True friendships shine through the light and the shadows both and will be there no matter what or when if you really needed.
  • I can count my best or Closest confidantes on one hand with my fingers and I don’t ever want that to change. Those 4-5 besties of mine are the closest individuals and a part of my small trusted circle that are always around.
  • There is ALWAYS a silver lining and light at the end of a tunnel, but you’ll never find either if you’re so preoccupied with the storm or unwilling to move in any direction on the train track you stand on in the pitch black darkness. You’ll miss every opportunity handed to you by life if you’re too in-tuned with only recognizing how awful everything is if you believe everything is awful, you will also become awful within yourself found in your thought patterns, self-talk, emotional stability and regulation, behaviors engaged in, and attract those individuals who are equally miserable and will eagerly co-sign your bullshit.
  • Let it go. Stop dragging the past into your moment. You only get one of each your entire life, don’t waste them.
  • Laugh at yourself.
  • Appreciate the little things.
  • Pass it forward, do good deed for those outside of self.
  • Forgive, if not for the situation or person then do it for yourself.
  • Listen and absorb. Remember everyone you encounter knows something you don’t.
  • Admire the beauty in differences and build those as strengths- being exactly like everybody else isn’t really successful or strength.
  • Be independent in all areas of you life if you can. Be proud of what makes you unique and determine how to offer this talent into giving back to others and to offer a piece of you in helping the world be better than we left it and leaving your positive and unique mark on this new earth.
    • It can be a new earth if you only see it as such, maybe it’d help some be more in tuned with how they see it, people tend to take care of things and are more aware of respecting new things more-so than old. If we could trick them that this new earth is our last change as humanity then maybe we can survive, together..

Oh, and PS: This is the New Earth.

It was anything else when you decided it would be… so let’s take it back again— it’s our last shot at humanity surviving past our own deaths..

You find what you look for. I look for new. It screams opportunity fastest of all other things bc it’s unknown and new and exciting!

See each day the same. Easy as it sounds. You want good? Seek it out. If you want to be grumpy, you’ll find more reasons to continue to be. We find what we look for. So what do you want? Go find it then. ✌️