Sky on Fire/Reflective drive Dec. 2018


This picture was not from this story that follows, but instead it was captured as I walked out of work feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost.  As I gazed upward, as I always try to do so that I may truly absorb every opportunity I am blessed to experience, I no longer had any need or desire to carry around that negativity.  The sky was on fire– it was like nothing I’d ever seen before.  So I decided instead I’d just stand for a moment that this would exist, and soak up the blessing I’d been honored to be in the midst of.  So grateful for the beautiful sunsets, and overjoyed to have the vision to see it’s beauty.


The drive on the way to work was beautiful. I caught myself the majority of the way, up in my head, thinking about what to plan for this group, or how to present about that…. until I stopped and slowed down and realized, although it’s 23 degrees out, and it hasn’t snowed, there is ice on every limb of every tree, and the sky is filled with fog.  It’s a wonderland, and the only clear thing is the road, taking me to and from where I need to be.  Life is good, the world is beautiful, I just have to remember to open my eyes and actually see it.